Social Media Marketings

Instagram is ridiculously mobile. Until recently, you weren’t even allowed to use it on a computer. With its slick interface and user-friendly layout, it’s no wonder that the engagement level on Instagram is sky high. People are literally on it all day long — Making it an abundant source of real estate leads… right in your purse or pocket.

Here are the top ten reasons why Instagram is one of the best platforms for real estate lead generation:

  1. You don’t have to compete with Zillow

  2. You can rank quicker with a real estate instagram hashtag than with traditional methods of online SEO #homesforsale

  3. Your recent posts can get to the top of user’s search results easily

  4. Instagram has 10x more engagement than Facebook

  5. On average, Instagram users are a more affluent demographic

  6. You can message anyone on Instagram directly, including prospects

  7. You can edit your photography right on the app and post stunning photos in seconds

  8. Instagram Stories – the best way to showcase your brand – is the press release of the 21st Century

  9. An image is worth a thousand words

  10. A video is worth even more!


Let’s talk about the Instagram data, shall we? Prepare yourself…

  • 500 Million users monthly

  • 300 Million users daily

  • 4.2 Billion likes per day

  • 216,000 photos posted every minute

  • 30% Of the total US population uses Instagram

  • More than half of all millennials are on Instagram every day