Retargeting is Your Best Friend

Retargeting campaigns, on average, have higher conversion rates and lower CPCs. Whether you’re targeting to users who have simply visited a certain page on your website or showing ads of a big sale to high-value customers who purchase regularly, these users already have some sort of connection to your business. That familiarity will make them more willing to click on that ad and see what you have to offer. It will also make them more likely to convert.

Facebook’s retargeting abilities let you target based on two different categories:

People who are on a list that you’ve uploaded. These lists could be made up of past customers, email subscribers or blog subscribers. This is best used when you want to created targeted, timely offers that are relevant to these specific groups. Think an exclusive sale for “platinum customers,” or a new product that works well with services certain audience members have purchased.

People who have recently interacted with your business in some way. This could be taking an action on your site, or watching a certain percentage of a video on platform. Now, there’s even an option to retarget people who interacted with your store-in person.

These custom audience types can be used to show ads to people based on specific actions, similar to triggered autoresponder email campaigns. If someone looks at a product on your site, use dynamic ads to show them the same product three days later and nudge them towards purchasing.

Whatever types of custom audiences and retargeting campaigns you choose to create, just remember to use what you know about that specific audience to your full advantage in creating relevant messaging.

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