Deal sites are amazing. But did you also know that they can be extremely profitable?


There’s a reason why sites like App Sumo, HSN (Home Shopping Network), QVC, and others do so well.


It’s because they offer special deals on in-demand products for a limited time. Meaning that if the potential customer wants to get the deal for a discount or some special add on, they have to order within a certain time frame right there on the site!


This introduces a MAJOR level of scarcity and has been known to put tons of cash in people’s pockets who use this method. And that’s what xDealy can do for you.


By allowing you to create your own deal pages for various products, you can boost your bottom line easily. You can even use it for products you don’t own as an affiliate with special bonuses!

xDealy The same software HSN (Home Shopping Network), QVC uses online

    • Built In Image Library
    • YouZign Integration
    • Stunning Video Backgrounds
    • Custom Payment Processor Selection
    • Built In PayPal Payment Options
    • Custom Image Upload/Embed
    • Specified Number of Sales Option
    • Timed Limited Deals & Offers
    • Custom Countdown & Redirect
    • “Deal Chaining” (Evergreen Option)
    • Built-In Terms & Conditions
    • Deal Expiration Customization
    • Real-Time Expirations
    • Customizable Style and Colors
    • Detailed Analytics and Data
    • Built-In Payment Status


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