Integrated A.I. Shopping Assistant For Messenger


This allows you to sell your products directly from your Facebook page and website.  Because of the shopping assistant built-in, it also helps your customers to browse and buy products directly from within Messenger! Cloud based so no install required!


The integrated AI feature will help in answering all your customers' questions and continue to work for you around the clock. Even while you’re asleep! Pure automation at its finest.


Mass Messaging At Your Fingertips:


Have a new product? Use the mass messaging option to alert all of your customers to get an influx of traffic and sales quickly. Send promotional messages, announcements, and more.


You’ll also be able to use segmentation to group customers by categories.  This will help make all your promotions extremely targeted and more profitable.


Smart Reply AI Bot:


This option allows you to set automated canned replies to prospects and customers. But, if you should decide to, you can takeover chat from chatbot anytime!


There’s no limit to how many replies you can have.  You can have 10 or 100! The choice is yours.

FB Shopr Integrated A.I. Shopping Assistant For Messenger

    • Ask them to like your Facebook page
    • Tell them to post something to their own Facebook profile or comment on your post.
    • Get them to follow you on Twitter
    • Have them retweet on of your Tweets
    • Let them subscribe to your email list
    • Make them comment on your blog post
    • Or post something to their own blog
    • Ask them to watch a Youtube video
    • Get them to follow you on Pinterest
    • Have them pin or repin something to their Pinterest board.
    • Ask them to visit and follow your Instagram profile.
    • And much much more...
    • Link to register for your software will be email to you

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