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The medical field is an ever-more competitive market.  


Not just because there are more practices offering high value, but because they’re employing marketing tactics that reach deeper into the customer-base.

You need a marketing team that understand your termanology and understands the medical practice. We have been at this a while and we can help you get more real patient reviews and real patients in general.


The medical field is a service that requires a sales cycle.  Prospective patients weigh their options for months, even years, before committing to a procedure.


Your practice must create initial brand awareness, educate, and connect over multiple touches to give you the best chance to win the business.

Below are the essentials of marketing a medical practice in 2019.  Digital dominates, but we also suggest you keep on top of your local networking.  Most of all, there is an element of persistence.  It’s easier today to automate steps in the sales cycle, so you can stay in front of prospective clients with timely, effective marketing materials.

Marketing Idea #1:  Design an Effective Plastic Surgery Website

At the core of your digital marketing is your website.  It’s an obvious piece of marketing collateral, yet many practices fail to have a website that’s truly effective at persuading visitors to take action.

Effective websites have a refined simplicity.  First and foremost, they convey your value proposition so it’s clear what you offer and why you’re the best choice.  Effective websites avoid – at all costs – confusing the visitor.  Text is concise and informative, layouts simple and logical.  Imagery should be consistent and convey the sense of beauty that’s part of your services.

Remember that your medical website is not, in reality, about your practice.  It’s about how you serve your patients.  The focus is on their needs.

Today, website templates must be mobile friendly.  Expect at least half your traffic to be from phones. Here is an example of our websites we create and manage for medical practices. Please click below to visit our lead generation website designs.


Screenshot 2020-01-14_16-00-30-661.png
Screenshot 2020-01-14_16-17-35-432.png


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